Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gas Pains Rising Up

The gas is reported to have gone up for the 35th straight day in US reaching 5 dollars in some states. This adds up to at least 50-60 dollars for most general cars to fill up there tanks. This is alot for me, and I have two jobs and no children. I couldn't imagine what families are facing with children, and the prospect of instability in job market as is increasing throughout the nation as well. While reports are saying that the gas companies are having there best year profit wise since 2008, gaining billions in just three months of this year.

This rise in gas is not only effecting car expenses, but also prices in travel, food production, and all other product production and movement, all of these things are produced and moved by oil. Our dependence on oil has become a slogeeneer for those that are asking for our votes, but we still accept and allow the same system and production methods to fall into play. There is no real action or movement to stop what is being created in terms of inequality, taking on the big businesses that are gaining much while so many are falling, and creating a system where it works for all people not just the few that have privilege and power.

Equal money system will cover all these points, where no more will profits be able to reach the heights and gains that has been reported here. This while millions are suffering to try and keep up with the higher and higher demand for income, and the stress of just trying to stay a float. The struggle for survival within a system where there is plenty for all will be eliminated once and for all. In an equal money system, life will be livable in a sense of ease and enjoyment because life will be lived from principles that not only will be spoken, but taken responsibility for by each one and lived as each one. Princpled living for what is best for all life will be what will create the stability needed and seeked within this world by so many, and the equal money system will be the avenue to see this solution of stability thru as this is what its about, doing what is best for all within equality so all will be able to live in dignity.

Join us for world equality:


Source for Article: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=13462560

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