Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama's Dead, Now What?

Osama is dead, and now in London there are raids of osama supporters storming the streets to get revenge on the US, and this game of hate and revenge goes on and on with absolutely no solution just added bodies to the countless number of human and not to mention other beings that are killed by war and weapons of destruction each decade. This has always puzzled me for a long time as I sure it does many, why do we go and kill eachother and is there a solution to the genocide that is happening over human history thru war and fighting?

There is the obvious solution, obvious because we as humans know that it is us that is starting these wars, creating them by divison, and enticing them by our greed and hate that we allow. This obvious solution is that we have to change ourselves, each and every being, to be a new being that is one who do not need to fight or take from another in competion to live a satisfying life. To live in a way where one can be equal among all life here and treat all as I would want to be treated. Quite obvious and simple truths, but this for humanity has been a tough one to live out as we head to the crossroads of our existence where the time for us to figure out how to live together is getting quite critical. Are we going to change ourselves, put in the time and effort to create us as  new beings or perish. The life we wish to see with peace and stability will only happen if we will it as ourselves, it only can start with ourselves and this change of ourselves will birth life in peace because we as humans will live peacefully because we live equal. I am pushing myself to live this and become the solution I wish to see in this world. 

This is a group effort and there is a group I am working with who is also walking this change of self, and it is at Desteni. I have started walking my process here at Desteni-I-Process, where one can learn and gain the practical skills to become a person that is able to live in peace and humbleness as co-equals. It's a self journey, and it's quite fascinating what you learn about who 'I' am as a life being, and what 'I" am capable of in the face of all that I am separating myself from. I have stopped addictions, gained a sense of awareness of all beings that reside on this planet, and able to control my emotions in a way that it is not a destructive force in my world. I am still walking this process, but I have seen much change within how I live among all here. Also, check out where you find a practical solution to the real issues we are facing by creating a system that makes equality a principle and standard of how we function here by equalizing the basic needs for all, and creating a system that is fair by making money available for all. Highly suggest checking out these sites, if you want to further discuss any of theses points you can email me at Thanks.

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