Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Equal Money FAQ - How will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? By Bernard Poolman

FAQ how will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? That will be based on a fascinating point because currently housing is based on money, which means on how many servants you can actually purchase to work for you and clean up your dirty shit behind you. In an equal money system you will have no slaves that will clean your house, so you will have to clean your own house, and because of that you will probably want a house that you can clean. If you do have a house that you don’t keep clean there will be intervention because you become a health risk to your neighbors and because the principle is love thy neighbor as thy self. We will intervene at all times to support our neighbors, and make sure that no one pose a risk to another at any stage. This change in slavery and having no slaves in the system will cause houses to diminish in size exponentially, and in the bigger houses you will probably end up with more with a commune style of living where youngsters have not yet decided to have their own houses, and they live together. As a group, they manage the house and clean it together similar to how students currently live. So a matter of distribution of land and property will be actually decided by yourself, and how much work you are willing to handle in terms of what size house you are willing to take care of. Accordingly, we are expecting that the sizes of houses will diminish with time, and become practical and functional to support the families that will be in it. The reason being, obviously, fascinating one, there will be no more slaves to do the bidding of the wealthy. So in essence, if you have a slave cleaning your house currently you are part of the elite, and your life is going to change with an equal money system extensively. Maybe it is a good thing to start with that now. To find out more and to be on the cutting edge of the developments of a new system, read the blog books here.