Friday, April 22, 2011

A Classless System in an Equal Money System


 Imagine a world where every being first and foremost saw that they where worthy beings and that no class system was actually real, no being in this existence is actually 'better' or 'worse' then any other being, we just for a while got lost in the money. Believing the lie that was told to us by those who had a vested interest in making lots of money to see the lie that we are separated into these classes of some beings being worthy and some not. You can not look at any child in this world in class them up nor should we be able to look at any adult and do this.

So the points to look at is this the way it is now the actual order of things, are we just  made ‘poor’ and some are ‘rich’, and that's that. Or is there another way, can we all have a piece of the pie and enjoy it too, yes we can! as obama touted,  but this yes we can is yes All can have an equal share of what is here. It just a matter of people standing up within themselves and seeing themselves as worthy living beings and all others the same as themselves, it’s here to be seen, and supporting a system that will stand up for all beings having equal worth thru the Equal Money System. That’s what all who are standing up for world equality and an equal money system are asking, do we see and recognize the ‘I’ within all beings, and are we all going to once and for all say we have had enough with this unreal world of class and divide, and start getting real, coming together,  and changing so it is a world truly for what is best for all. It’s starts with each one here.

We have to live in this directive way to become an equal participant within society and be willing to teach other how to as well. There is ways that have been developed to walk through what it takes to actually be equal with what is here as the physical reality, this thru the Desteni-I-Process. The physical being what is real, practical, and common sense. So to be real human beings we must be real, practical, and live in common sense.  It’s time for humans to catch up, stand up from our infant crawl, and start walking within the reality of how we are equal among all. This so no more imagining, dreaming, hoping, or praying for this world to be better or more peaceful place because it is here as ourselves, each one, who take up the stand to walk as co equal among all for all beings best life possible.

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