Sunday, April 24, 2011

In an equal money system, all beings will have equal opportunity to education


This is something that should be a standard within society based on the desire to have a functional and productive growing society that is able to be innovative and creative as the years come. But within our society billions of people do not have any access to education, and a lot that do, do not have adequate education based on funding and/or the lack there of. If looking at this world from another planet hypothetically, one would probably say what the hell are they doing down there? oh ok, they are in an enslavement system due to the profit driven greed of the human race.

It’s unfortunate and quite sad based on the opportunities and resources we have, not to mention the countless untapped potential of all beings here on the planet, but it is not utilized based on us accepting and allowing a system where there is not a point where all people can have access to a proper education. This will be so in an equal money system, where the functionality and upliftment for all being will be a joy and will be our mission. The absolute ultimate for each being to reach there highest potential with all equal opportunity to get there. The point that will make this difference and create the real change that is needed is that money will be placed where it counts and available to all unconditionally equally. Money will be put into programs and systems to advance the individual as  an co-equal, where the 'no child left behind' debacle will be a fact because all will be considered and all will have an education. Equal education for all in the highest point possible because money and funding will be alocated and placed in this way for all life learners equally.

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