Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Celeb Paid for Nothing, Equal Money System will Stop the Insanity

Snooki, the pop sensation from the Jersey Shore tv show on MTV is going to get $32K for appearing on the Rutgers campus. We can come up with many other worthwhile things this money could go to rather then to someone who did not earn it, and is just getting it because she was on a tv show. She is famous based on her outrageous behavior of drinking, partying, fucking around, dressing flamboyantly, but no where in there has she done  something that has help any being besides those who are making money off her popularity. This kind of publicity and idealism that is sensationalized of those who act crazy and out of control, and then rewarded is basically thumbing there noses to the atrocities that are here in this world of abuse, unfortunately the capitalist system encourages this. What ever makes money will be sensationalized to get the max profit, the crazier the better is the reality of it if you have a look.  We the people are feeding this by supporting and watching these types of shows/entertainment, suggest to evaluate your viewing and participation, support that which supports life.

In an equal money system, money will be placed where it is needed and for purposes that support and create stability for all. Money being wasted on these kinds of events will be no more as they have no purpose, but to encourage people to party and act ridiculous. The capitalist system is failing the people, only looking out for some with the connections, in the equal money system all will be part of the connection of life as all are life beings, where money is valued equal to life thus life will be lived equally for all. This insanity of throwing away money on ridiculous publicity stunts will be no more as the 'celebrity' will be no more because all will be lived as equal. No being being looked at or treated any better then any other being.

Equal Money System the solution to our Insanity.

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