Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Equal Money FAQ - How will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? By Bernard Poolman

FAQ how will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? That will be based on a fascinating point because currently housing is based on money, which means on how many servants you can actually purchase to work for you and clean up your dirty shit behind you. In an equal money system you will have no slaves that will clean your house, so you will have to clean your own house, and because of that you will probably want a house that you can clean. If you do have a house that you don’t keep clean there will be intervention because you become a health risk to your neighbors and because the principle is love thy neighbor as thy self. We will intervene at all times to support our neighbors, and make sure that no one pose a risk to another at any stage. This change in slavery and having no slaves in the system will cause houses to diminish in size exponentially, and in the bigger houses you will probably end up with more with a commune style of living where youngsters have not yet decided to have their own houses, and they live together. As a group, they manage the house and clean it together similar to how students currently live. So a matter of distribution of land and property will be actually decided by yourself, and how much work you are willing to handle in terms of what size house you are willing to take care of. Accordingly, we are expecting that the sizes of houses will diminish with time, and become practical and functional to support the families that will be in it. The reason being, obviously, fascinating one, there will be no more slaves to do the bidding of the wealthy. So in essence, if you have a slave cleaning your house currently you are part of the elite, and your life is going to change with an equal money system extensively. Maybe it is a good thing to start with that now. To find out more and to be on the cutting edge of the developments of a new system, read the blog books here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How do we get SEX in an Equal Money System if not in an agreement and there are no hookers?


Yes, this is correct no being will be subject to or have to sell their bodies to create a living for themselves and put food on the table. There will be no more prostitution, strip clubs, brothels, or call girls, as this is a degration of women and unacceptable to treat women as objects as has been portrayed and pushed in this current society.  Women will be seen equal to men and be considered within the standard of what is best for all, so women will have support and be given there basic needs to live as will men and children have access as well.

Sex will be seen in a new way as this will be an exploration and enjoyment of self expression thru becoming real here. This point of self realization is being walked thru desteni tools using self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective change to be able to stand here as a physical being meaning you are in the physical present in each and every breath considering all of what is here as you would consider for yourself.

Sex today is based on desire and self indulgence where we go to the limits to feed this sexual thirst we all have to get it and get it often. This while using fantasies and pictures to stimulate ourselves to spice things up using the mind to feed the desire to thus keep that sense of self satisfaction continuing as the simple act here as the physical seems boring compared to what we can conjure up in our heads. This accepting the current nature of men as ego driven consumers of stimulation, and using the mind to get themselves off no matter what the cost to other life is. The mind being given continued energy thru the build up to, during, and thru sex that is generated, this perpetuating the minds existence within all life as the mind is fueled from the energy created most succulently thru the act of human sex. There are consequences for the indulgence of sex and any form of energy we get addicted to, and it is the conditions we see today, child prostitution, rape, child kidnapping, this fueled from the desire to get more.      
                                                                                               (Image By: Marlen Vargas Del Razo)
Sex as desire and indulgence needs to be transcended so thus we are able to live here as self in the moment as expression no thoughts, no desires, no pictures or fantasies, no energy movements within just you here having sex as the physical. This will be also a point of self responsibility where one will take care of self within self intimacy and give self pleasure within massage or simply touching the body within what is here directing self to live how you would want to be treated within the sexual expression. If one is not in an agreement then you will build your self intimacy thru your own self exploration of physical touch.

Sexual expression will change from one of mind stimulation and addiction to here as self directing in breath in expanding what it means to be a physical being in physical expression actually being here in each touch as we stroke the softness of our skin as we breath. In an equal money system this will be part of the curriculum of the education system, where all will be taught how to respect self and express self as a physical being one and equal to all and learn to enjoy ourselves as sexual beings in self expression in gratefulness of the splender of what is here and who we are as life. Sex will not be bought or given up to make money, it will be a basis of the life essence here and a joy to participate in, the expansion within this expression of sex is limitless if we allow ourselves to let go and be here.

Investigate Desteni.co.za for more perspective on sexual expansion and self honest living, the forums are also great resources for what has never been really looked at or considered possible, it's definitely worth a look. Enjoy! 

Will Sports and Gambling Exist in an Equal Money System?

Looking at this point of sports and gambling existing in an equal money system is interesting because so many people participate in one or both of these activities in this current society. As far as gambling I would look at this from the perspective of what is best for all, and many gamble in an attempt to gain money quick. This point of desire for quick money is so we can have extra cash to get stuff without doing little to no work. This point of getting something for free or without any effort is not practical nor makes any sense based on the fact that in this gambling game the house is always at the advantage as the profit goes to the house and the contributor is going purely on chance, which boils down to one winner and the rest losing.  The hope for freedom in any point in our world without physical effort to make it possible is no way to function here as it will not create what needs to be created rather people will sit and wait in hope that it magically will be done, this not being possible as the only ones who will change what is here is us physically changing it. Gambling not being supportive because it accepts that there is a hope that life can be fixed or made better thru chance and by luck, this not real and does not support what is here physically for all to live here in fact.

In gambling this desire to have extra cash is perpetuated and extreme in this current system due to the fact that in many peoples lives there is not enough money to go around, or the money they do have they have to work very hard to get. This hope to get quick cash easy is a tantalizing temptation because the thought is 'someone has to win?' But the reality that you will be that winner is slim to none. An idea of the odds that resides in winning a million dollars like winning at a mega bucks slot machine is in 49,836,032 tries, so looking at these numbers it is very unlikely. The idea that we accept here is that it is ok for some to win while many lose due to that hope and one and a million  chance that you could be that lucky winner someday. Capitalism works the same as gambling, where it's the luck of a few who benefit by gaining access to money, where many go without due to greed and no chance to win or even get a ticket to play as we see all over the world where people starve everyday due to lack of resources when there is plenty to go around. This luck of the draw and casino like society that is being demonstrated within this accepted and allowed entertainment we call gambling and lived within our current system is unacceptable as not all benefit.  In an equal money system all will be provided for with the basics, and based on the money being a support for life in all ways and nothing less, all will live like millionaires as this is possible with the resources that are here, the new direction as money being a support, and life being lived by principles of self understanding and self realization that all life is one and equal to self. This generating the support that all will need to live happy, enjoyable, safe, and assured lives.

This brings me to the next point, which is sports in an equal money system, will sports exist? The sports within what is existing now in this current society where one win and one lose, be it a team or yourself, with this desire to be the best and beat others in a game  will no longer be supported. Obviously competing and trying to be better then another even as a game and in sport is supporting suffering as an acceptable way of living in this current system, which is due to the fact where some are winners and some are losers, the losers always getting the shit end of the deal. This point of having winners and losers and accepting this as the natural order of things is not so as all in this physical world require what is necessary to live life, this being water, food, breath, shelter, all being equal within the life that is here as all are life in fact, this not being debatable and not in anyway a competition as all need this to live. Sports as entertainment just showing the extent as the competition of our egos has gone, making our fun based on thriving to be the winners and desire to be the best knowing full well that there will be losers and suffering in one way or another will be caused. This not a system that has to be in place. It is possible for all to live and gain equal share of all that is here, this just has to be agreed and designed in a way to facilitate such principles. This will be done in an equal money system.

Sports with the point of having winners and losers will be reformed or simply let go of and new forms of physical activity will emerge or we can re-establish the sports we have now  to be done in a way where we perpetuate equality, oneness, and the honor of all.  Physical activity will be more of an expression of self as an actual moment to moment living directing the physical movement as you go, actually feeling the body move thur the air as one gain lift off a ski jump and sail along until one is back on the ground again, experiencing the action as a living moment here direct as self.  This as real physical action instead of being in the mind desiring to have the highest jump, so you can be the best ski jumper, pushing self to go faster and higher in competition with others who are jumping as well (as an example). The awareness and perspective of the being in physical motion will be different based on being here as breath directing oneself in what one does, with no drive or motivation to do anything other then express self thru motion. The sport athlete as known today is one who live from the mind being driven by the ego to gain fame, fortune, and notoriety as the best sports player on the field, on the team, in the country, or in the world, and thus living from a point of self interest separating from others here to be better. Thus a common separation we see in sports as a black team vs. a blue team do not exist as it's just a group of humans on a field moving in motion with a ball. Only in the delusion of the human mind is the competition and desire to be the best lived, which has been perpetuated and programmed into society by media and education to be seen as 'normal' when in fact it is not our nature. Equality and oneness as all life here is who we are as all here desire to live and all deserve this right as all are in fact part of life, no competition necessary to live this.

So sport and gambling as we know it today will not exist in an equal money system based on it being driven by ego and self interest glorification, and not for what is best for all. The equal money system will be held within a standard of what is best for all in all aspects of life conceived, which in turn will always be what is best for self. We as the human race will have to do some re-education of ourselves to get to this point where we can accept this as so and live it as self into a world where life is honored and respected in all ways one and equal to all as how you would want to live. Where no one win or lose, but all live as co-equals and express as such.

Check us on the Destenion wiki link here for more on living as breath -http://wiki.destonians.com/Main_Page 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love is Currency By Bernard Poolman

An interview with Bernard Poolman on 11 December 2009

So when ‘Love’ is the ‘Currency’ –

As we are presenting this Solution, the Practical-Solution to a ‘Management-System’ in the World that will ‘Equate’ for the Current-‘Condition’ that Man is In, where All Men are Not Equal in ‘Intelligence’ and in ‘Programmed-Design’ and in ‘Education’, our ‘Proposal’ being an Equal-Money System and an Equal-Entertainment/La­bour-System, Using the Labour/Enterta­inment-System as ‘Motivation’ and the Equal-Money System as ‘Basic Equal-Support for Each-One as Life’ – so as to ‘End the basic-Suffering’ that is Existent in the World while we ‘Work-out a Solution’; there is a ‘Call’ by Many that is rather ‘fascinating’ – it is a ‘Call’ that “one must go to a ‘Resource-Based’ System and your Currency must be ‘Love’.”

Now – the apparent ‘Approach’ seems rather ‘benevolent’ and based-in a ‘fascinating Idea’ that somehow ‘Love’ is Something that will ‘Change Things Magically’. It’s like a ‘Magic-Solution’. First of all – if ‘Love’ was the ‘Magic-Solution’ it Already would’ve worked, because – it’s been around a Long Time, Without having Any-Effect. In-Fact ‘Love’ has become the Primary-‘Drug’ with which People ‘Deceive Each-Other’ to ‘gain’ Sex and Control; and obviously to ‘create’ All kinds of ‘Wonderful’ ‘New-Age Business-Opportunities’.

One of the Primary-Reasons why ‘Love’ ‘Exist’ is: that ‘Love’ Is a ‘Cover-Up’ for one’s ‘Desire for Money’ under the ‘New-Age’ and the ‘New Thought Movement’, where one will then Find-Ways to ‘Do-Business’ ‘under the auspices’ of ‘Love’ and your ‘Right’ to ‘Free-Choice’ to ‘Love’ and ‘Have Things’ in this World.

Now – in a Resource-System one must consider the following: Who is going to ‘Do the Work’? Who is going to be ‘Motivated’ by What? By ‘Love’? Two People that ‘Fall in Love’ is Not Even ‘Motivated-Enough’ to ‘Make their Relationship Work’. They End-up mostly in Divorce-Courts. So ‘That’-‘Love’ is ‘Not-Sufficient’.

The ‘Love’ of All the ‘Religions’ that’s been professed for how-long: has Not been Sufficient to Stop World-Wars, Stop the Poverty, Stop the Fact that a Billion People do go to bed Hungry, that Everybody Doesn’t have a Place to Sleep ‘in Safety’ – that the ‘Love’ that is currently professed to so-called ‘exist’: has Taken No-Action whatsoever to ‘Improve the Condition of Man’, which is only a Limited period of Time on Earth – but Yet – No-Action is Taken Whatsoever.

‘Love is Currency’… If one is Self-Honest and you Observe your ‘Secret-Mind’ – that means ‘the Place In-You’ where You Have ‘Thoughts About Other-People’ and ‘Thoughts About Things’ = the ‘Real-You’ – the Face you never-show the World – Because the ‘Face you show the World’ is this False, Fake ‘Picture-Presentation’ of Yourself; The ‘Real-Self’ is That-Thing that ‘Thinks Inside’ – the Nasty, Evil-Thing – the ‘Real-Evil’ of Existence; The Thing that profess that “Love should be the Key” but that Never-Acts on ‘Love’ whatsoever.

If ‘Love’ is the ‘Currency’ – How will you Measure the ‘Units’ of ‘Love’? Because you’ll have One that says “But I love you More!” – “I have More love than you!” What Is the ‘Unit-Currency’ of ‘Love’ in an System Based on ‘Love’? What is the ‘Unit-Currency’ of Resource in a Resource-System? How and Who is going to Decide? How are you going to get ‘Everyone to Agree’ that – What is the ‘Values of Resources’ and ‘What Are Resources’ –

You See, in an Equal-Money System and an Equal-Labour System – your Labour-System is simply one of ‘Demand’ and ‘Availability’ – while your Equal-Money System is Based on the ‘Principle’ of ‘Being-Alive’. The Fact that you are ‘Born’: Give-You the ‘Right’ to Have a ‘Decent Dignified Life’. Who in this World can Say that Each-One that is Born is Not Worthy of Support while on Earth – (Support) that is Equal for All? Who would Dare to Say that ‘They are Worth More than Another’? How can there be Any-Being on Earth that Claim that ‘Love Exist’, Without them Acting and ‘Standing-Up’ to Present a System that ‘Support All Life Equal in All-Ways’ – so that Each-Child that is Born into this World has Got an ‘Equal Support-System’, an ‘Equal-Opportunity’.

Why has None of Those that profess ‘Love’ and ‘Spirit’ and ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Religion’ and ‘Jesus’ and ‘God’ and ‘Allah’ and ‘Islam’ and ‘Hinduism’ and ‘Buddhism’ Stood-Up to Come-Up with a System that can Support a Child from-Birth ‘till they are Grown-Up ‘till they Die? Each-One of You that’s Not Standing-Up = is Not Standing-Up because you Have ‘Money’ – because you Have ‘Protection’. What About Those that Don’t? Where Is your-‘Love’? Why is it Not in Action? Why do you ‘Talk and Do-Nothing’? Why do you ‘Hide behind Fake-Names’ and do Not-Stand in your Own-Name, and Stand by ‘What you Stand for’ in ‘Accountability’? Why are you ‘Using Books and Beliefs’ to ‘Harm Life’ and People and Children? Why do you Dare to have ‘Religion’ when you are ‘Not Actually Supporting Life Equally’? ‘Religion’ is Something that is an…certainly a…a ‘Luxury’! As Long as there is People in this World Suffering – Why do You want ‘Luxury’ while Others must Suffer, that you may have ‘Luxury’? If one Look-at ‘Love is Currency’ – there is certainly ‘No-Flow’: there is ‘No Current of ‘Love’’ in this World. That is Proven by Those that ‘profess ‘Love’’, and do-Not present ‘Practical Liveable Solutions’, that will Support Every-Child in this World that is being-Born to Have a ‘Dignified Life’.

Now – from a perspective of ‘Accountability’: as long as You Are professing and preventing Children to be Supported with a System that will be Supportive = you Will be Held ‘Accountable’, in ‘This-life’ or the-‘next’.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teenager sells Kidney for Ipad2

In China, boy sells his kidney for over 3000 US dollars, and goes out and buys himself a ipad. This showing the fucked up nature of this current system, where we will go as far as to cut out our own body parts and sell them to fill our desires.  This is crazy, and this system pushes the craziness of people based on the struggle that is hear in terms of making it and getting things that one need. I would say an ipad is not needed, but for this boy it was.

Equal money system will first give all equal access to money so no one will have to go as far as to sell there own body, which is giving of it self unconditionally one and equal with you, to buy anything. Also, all will have access to computers, and will be much easier to access and buy due to the fair exchange of goods and flat rates. Computers as well as all products will be made to the best of there ability, and created on demand not profit. This will diminish waste extensively, and the ability to create upgrades and have a quick turnaround based on the control of creation with demand numbers will streamline the buying process and create universal best for all products. No one will have to go to extremes to live and enjoy themselves because all will be considered and life will be lived in ways that is best for everyone, which is always best for you. 

Check out equal money system to live the life of true support and enjoyment for all. Also, join Desteni-I-Process where one start the walk of self prefection with the ability to support oneself finacially.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The End of Mass Consumption with Equal Money System

Dmitry and I are looking into getting a wireless router for our place. There are about 7 core choices of routers you can get with varying degrees of speed and capability, some slower and some faster, obviously having to do with cost. I don’t know much about the technical specs on what to look for and what to get, but he does so we got a decent one, not too expensive, because bottom line, we are looking for a cheap deal. 
I was looking at this this point of choice within our consumption, we have generated so much stuff and so many choices, all the choices that you could imagine with billions of products being reproduced yearly. The variety basically due to different price brackets that are being targeted for the most profit with the least amount put in. A lot of abuse is going on in the process usually unnoticed to keep up with the billions of choices we have each and every day with our products. Obviously, the higher the price the ‘better quality’ the product. This not always the case tho. I bought a ipod for a lot of money, and a few weeks later i dropped it and the screen broke. That is my fault, but it shows the vulnerability of the products we consume and the ‘risk’ one takes when getting expensive items, they can be made useless within a number of ways quite quickly. 
The point of choice is an interesting one, but is it necessary? What is the point of choice in products, to show that some can get more then another, some can get better stuff then another. This precipitating the notion that we are separate and defined by polarity of money, those who have it and get all the cool nice stuff, and those that done that get the cheap stuff.
In an equal money system, choice will be eliminated as all products will be made to last, will be made in the best quality and function as possible, and will be available for all people. Life will also be conserved and considered within the making of these products, and not squandered within waste of resources and energy that is currently taking place here in this capitalist system to so many. Equal money will bring life to balance, products to quality within equality standards, and all will be able to enjoy everything life has to offer in the best way possible.
Support equal money system to gain the best of all worlds within the best for all beings.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The War within = The War without

War, I have been studying about war recently, and allot of it is very disturbing due to the amount of craziness that is involved in creating these wars, and sustaining them. It reminds me of people with there heads cut off, not able to considered the whole of what it is they are doing, because they can not see all who is being effected.

This unfortunately is not the case, we can all see very clearly what is going on, and who and how those who are involved are being directly effected, killed and maimed, destruction, and violence in the name of words that have no real meaning behind them. 'Patriotism, I am going to war because I am serving my country', but within self there are many other reasons one goes to war, opportunity, ego, adventure, obligation, pressure, it is not just to serve and protect the country because what is being protected will always be vulnerable as we are creating the situation the way it is, creating conflict by be'lie'ving we are not those who we see as enemies.

So War will always continue if we see the other in separation of self, this programmed quite well within society as nationalism, religions, money system, capitalism. All these systems are due to fear and self interest, we live this within our world because of the fear we live within ourselves as we walk day to day. Also, the desire to have more even if it does cause harm to another, as along as it is not me, then ok, I will be protected and cause war. One of the main motivators to agree to going to war is the fact that we, USA, will be attacked again, and we need to protect our freedom playing on the fear of death and injury by our governments, which we all accept and allow.

Unfortunately, we as 'Americans' have never been free, yes, we may have it more easy, relatively, then others, but we are not free as we rely on others to sustain us, ie: government, money, animals, the earth. War is a tool used by the 'elite', to gain profit and power across the world, and it is created by our own inner struggles, judgments, competition, and hatred we live out thru participating in thinking these types of thoughts. What we think about, we create here, test this out for yourself and see the correlation, don't forget to be self honest otherwise one will fuck with themselves. That is why I am using desteni-i-process as it helps to understand the relationship of thinking as creation, and how to become a director of myself instead of being directed by my thinking = mind, which is an ambivalent machine that is not understood completely by humanity just yet.

Equal money system will stop the war without as we will not fear ourselves or another because we realize the other is me, and how can I fear me. We will not bury the truth of the reasons for going to war, such as to make profit, and face what is here and create solutions to the current atrocities that are occurring. All will be sustained and living in dignity due to the co-equal status that all beings will encompass as we start to develop and implement this new system. Those who abuse will have there co-equal status taken away and re-rehabilitated within the Desteni-I-Process to gain an understanding to there driving motivators emotion, thinking, and fear, so they too can restore themselves as life one and equal, and enjoy the fruits of who we are as life in freedom. The difference with equal money system and the current system is we will live our words, such as freedom and equal opportunity, and put in place systems that will generate this and guarantee it.

The solutions are all here, one has to sort themselves out by self application in self honesty and self forgiveness to stop the war within themselves to thus one day stop the war without that its everywhere if one have a serious look. War is never the answer as what is best for all is always the solution. Equal money system will be lived by this solution as a principle and foundation so life will become what we all are equal and one, which is real freedom lived.

If you are interested in the Desteni-I-Process, I am an agent and would be glad to help you with any questions or to get started in it. Thanks. Email at ggoodrow17@gmail.com