Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Women Drives her Minivan in River, Killing all inside

A women drove her car with her three children strapped into seat-belts into the Hudson river yesterday, killing all who were in the car. It was said that the women left a fight from her house with her husband, and she then did this. There was one 10 year old child that escaped the car, and went to a firehouse to get help. But they were too late.

I could only imagine the desperation of a women with children to do such a thing, this is not normal in any way, and the effect of this on the child that was able to escape is going to be considerable. It seemed this was induced by the home issues that where going on, but I will not speculate on the details as they are not known.

I just want to share what this story is showing on a greater scale of the current issue we are facing with this depletion of the current money system. Life is going to become desperate for everyone because we are all being effected by this as we all live within this current money system. Unfortunately these stories will not be few and far between, but if you pay attention and read the newspaper, these kinds of stories are becoming more and more prevelant each month that goes by. Horror stories that no being could imange living in, but the fucked up part is that many are silently suffering within this. Life is becoming more and more desperate for more and more people, the question being, what is the solution?

I stand for an Equal Money System where no being will have to suffer and feel desperation in silence, but all will be heard and seen as co-equals. We will care and support life with the availability of money being allocated to what is best for all, changing the whole way we will live, and will create an easement and relaxation that we have never seen or realize could have existed. This equality based system is possible through living the equality of all as life beings, and sharing among all fairly the resources that are here to be enjoyed. The more we push this new system, the faster this will occur, and these horror stories that we read and many live everyday can finally be supported and resolved. If you look most all are based and/or steaming from money. Lets stop the desperation of this world, and start actually living for a world where all can live in a way that is decent and fun for real because we will be free. Support an equal money system.

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