Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love is Currency By Bernard Poolman

An interview with Bernard Poolman on 11 December 2009

So when ‘Love’ is the ‘Currency’ –

As we are presenting this Solution, the Practical-Solution to a ‘Management-System’ in the World that will ‘Equate’ for the Current-‘Condition’ that Man is In, where All Men are Not Equal in ‘Intelligence’ and in ‘Programmed-Design’ and in ‘Education’, our ‘Proposal’ being an Equal-Money System and an Equal-Entertainment/La­bour-System, Using the Labour/Enterta­inment-System as ‘Motivation’ and the Equal-Money System as ‘Basic Equal-Support for Each-One as Life’ – so as to ‘End the basic-Suffering’ that is Existent in the World while we ‘Work-out a Solution’; there is a ‘Call’ by Many that is rather ‘fascinating’ – it is a ‘Call’ that “one must go to a ‘Resource-Based’ System and your Currency must be ‘Love’.”

Now – the apparent ‘Approach’ seems rather ‘benevolent’ and based-in a ‘fascinating Idea’ that somehow ‘Love’ is Something that will ‘Change Things Magically’. It’s like a ‘Magic-Solution’. First of all – if ‘Love’ was the ‘Magic-Solution’ it Already would’ve worked, because – it’s been around a Long Time, Without having Any-Effect. In-Fact ‘Love’ has become the Primary-‘Drug’ with which People ‘Deceive Each-Other’ to ‘gain’ Sex and Control; and obviously to ‘create’ All kinds of ‘Wonderful’ ‘New-Age Business-Opportunities’.

One of the Primary-Reasons why ‘Love’ ‘Exist’ is: that ‘Love’ Is a ‘Cover-Up’ for one’s ‘Desire for Money’ under the ‘New-Age’ and the ‘New Thought Movement’, where one will then Find-Ways to ‘Do-Business’ ‘under the auspices’ of ‘Love’ and your ‘Right’ to ‘Free-Choice’ to ‘Love’ and ‘Have Things’ in this World.

Now – in a Resource-System one must consider the following: Who is going to ‘Do the Work’? Who is going to be ‘Motivated’ by What? By ‘Love’? Two People that ‘Fall in Love’ is Not Even ‘Motivated-Enough’ to ‘Make their Relationship Work’. They End-up mostly in Divorce-Courts. So ‘That’-‘Love’ is ‘Not-Sufficient’.

The ‘Love’ of All the ‘Religions’ that’s been professed for how-long: has Not been Sufficient to Stop World-Wars, Stop the Poverty, Stop the Fact that a Billion People do go to bed Hungry, that Everybody Doesn’t have a Place to Sleep ‘in Safety’ – that the ‘Love’ that is currently professed to so-called ‘exist’: has Taken No-Action whatsoever to ‘Improve the Condition of Man’, which is only a Limited period of Time on Earth – but Yet – No-Action is Taken Whatsoever.

‘Love is Currency’… If one is Self-Honest and you Observe your ‘Secret-Mind’ – that means ‘the Place In-You’ where You Have ‘Thoughts About Other-People’ and ‘Thoughts About Things’ = the ‘Real-You’ – the Face you never-show the World – Because the ‘Face you show the World’ is this False, Fake ‘Picture-Presentation’ of Yourself; The ‘Real-Self’ is That-Thing that ‘Thinks Inside’ – the Nasty, Evil-Thing – the ‘Real-Evil’ of Existence; The Thing that profess that “Love should be the Key” but that Never-Acts on ‘Love’ whatsoever.

If ‘Love’ is the ‘Currency’ – How will you Measure the ‘Units’ of ‘Love’? Because you’ll have One that says “But I love you More!” – “I have More love than you!” What Is the ‘Unit-Currency’ of ‘Love’ in an System Based on ‘Love’? What is the ‘Unit-Currency’ of Resource in a Resource-System? How and Who is going to Decide? How are you going to get ‘Everyone to Agree’ that – What is the ‘Values of Resources’ and ‘What Are Resources’ –

You See, in an Equal-Money System and an Equal-Labour System – your Labour-System is simply one of ‘Demand’ and ‘Availability’ – while your Equal-Money System is Based on the ‘Principle’ of ‘Being-Alive’. The Fact that you are ‘Born’: Give-You the ‘Right’ to Have a ‘Decent Dignified Life’. Who in this World can Say that Each-One that is Born is Not Worthy of Support while on Earth – (Support) that is Equal for All? Who would Dare to Say that ‘They are Worth More than Another’? How can there be Any-Being on Earth that Claim that ‘Love Exist’, Without them Acting and ‘Standing-Up’ to Present a System that ‘Support All Life Equal in All-Ways’ – so that Each-Child that is Born into this World has Got an ‘Equal Support-System’, an ‘Equal-Opportunity’.

Why has None of Those that profess ‘Love’ and ‘Spirit’ and ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Religion’ and ‘Jesus’ and ‘God’ and ‘Allah’ and ‘Islam’ and ‘Hinduism’ and ‘Buddhism’ Stood-Up to Come-Up with a System that can Support a Child from-Birth ‘till they are Grown-Up ‘till they Die? Each-One of You that’s Not Standing-Up = is Not Standing-Up because you Have ‘Money’ – because you Have ‘Protection’. What About Those that Don’t? Where Is your-‘Love’? Why is it Not in Action? Why do you ‘Talk and Do-Nothing’? Why do you ‘Hide behind Fake-Names’ and do Not-Stand in your Own-Name, and Stand by ‘What you Stand for’ in ‘Accountability’? Why are you ‘Using Books and Beliefs’ to ‘Harm Life’ and People and Children? Why do you Dare to have ‘Religion’ when you are ‘Not Actually Supporting Life Equally’? ‘Religion’ is Something that is an…certainly a…a ‘Luxury’! As Long as there is People in this World Suffering – Why do You want ‘Luxury’ while Others must Suffer, that you may have ‘Luxury’? If one Look-at ‘Love is Currency’ – there is certainly ‘No-Flow’: there is ‘No Current of ‘Love’’ in this World. That is Proven by Those that ‘profess ‘Love’’, and do-Not present ‘Practical Liveable Solutions’, that will Support Every-Child in this World that is being-Born to Have a ‘Dignified Life’.

Now – from a perspective of ‘Accountability’: as long as You Are professing and preventing Children to be Supported with a System that will be Supportive = you Will be Held ‘Accountable’, in ‘This-life’ or the-‘next’.