Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How will Age be effected in an Equal Money System?

Post - 3/28/11

I'm back at work tonight, I been looking at this point of patience. I have to be quite patient for this job as it very much requires one to use this as a point for support for the other and what his or her needs are in any given moment. This also dealing with people who are more frail and require more care like a baby, but on the other end of the life line as the ‘elderly’.  They obviously have come thru life and are at the point where their body is shutting down. This indicating that there life force is weakening and can not support the physical any longer as it becomes frail and very delicate.

I have always wondered about the reason for death and why this is necessary here, I have realized it is due to our acceptance and allowance to diminish ourselves through the mind by living out the separation of life here, which is faulty. We are living in conflict with the principles of life here, that we are in fact one and equal with all life and all life is thus here as ourselves. We are the creator, created, and creation. We have the power to live forever or die in short years, it literally is up to all and self here to understand and live this. Desteni is a source that can help with understanding of these topics, I suggest investigate.

Back when I was ‘believing’ in a higher power, I would always ask myself why we had to die, what kind of ‘god’ created us to die and not be able to live any longer then 100 years, didn’t seem right. Not to mention, the number of people that never make it to their ‘elderly’ years, and die young due to preventable causes such as no resource availability due to no money available, many suffer at all ages due to this.

This was not ‘right’ as I was abdicating my own responsibility for myself to something outside of me, when I am here as source, I am responsible for life here, I am the power for change.  Equal money system will allow life to expand and grow due to the freedom of money resources being fully available for all and at all disposal in the principle of what is best for all life.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Royal What? and Equal Money System

Everyone has heard about the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are considered royalty among the people in the land called England. This wedding costing millions of dollars and huge amounts of publicity and interest. Money not even being considered in the equation of this marriage event because it is readily available at the royalties disposal based solely on where they where born into.

What is this point of 'royalty' and us as the 'common folk' accepting and allowing within this point of having some 'beings' seen as more then those on the common level. This all based on money and how it was allocated and hoarded 'legally' to one family in many different countries by fake and useless laws made up by those in power to keep those who they thought where 'more pure' then those who are here as 'regular people' within control, and those in 'royalty' type position and in other words the 'elite' on the top of this pile of shit (=see-it).

Point being, it makes no sense and is useless in terms of actually creating a difference in world equanimity and world unity.  We idolize these people as a whole in this world just like celebrities because we 'desire' to live the lifestyle they have, but 'believe' we are not able to based on what we where told as the way life is here, 'some are more privileged then others, and life is harsh so just live with it'.

In an Equal Money System all 'royalty' and 'celebrity' will be eliminated as these lifestyles do not support what is best for all, but only the few in these selected groups. In an Equal Money System there will be money allocated to projects and resources that is best for all life, and these fancy parties and weddings costing a lot of money will be gone as they are a point of distraction and are induced by alcohol (= I-Kill-All).

Equal Money System, where all live as gods because all are gods equally.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why am I in support of the Equal Money System?

This is and never has been even a consideration, the why? it has always been a how? because the why is a self evident common sense observation of what I myself have participated in in my life, and seen through my own accumulated living experience as life for many beings being a struggle, death, and painful, and seeing myself never ever wanting to live in ways I have seen others live here. Many on this planet are really having terrible times of life, not enjoying and not actually living. Many struggle day to day to even have a chance to live a bit and have some self satisfaction, but many make due of what is here and just live as is, in this system. This always equaling unsatisfactory and able to be improved as any life that suffers is obviously faulty and need changing.

The how? is the more pertinent question for all beings to be asking themselves, this I have realized that the individual in this system has no real power by him/herself as we have seen with past leaders such as Jesus, Martin Luther King, Benazir Bhutto, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, all made impacts, but could not actually make a real collective change within and as this current system as individualized movements to bring about expression in freedom of and as life for real because they all died (and didn't have the proper understanding of what this entails = for more on this see the link I highlight here). The need for a centralized principled focus group of dedicated people with the potential always for growth thru time is the Equal Life Party (this at this time in infant stages), which is the political movement to place the equal money system into the global level to thus have a real impact on a global scale. This requires group effort and group sustenance to keep it growing. So as been discussed within the Desteni material, it is not about the individual leader as that imply that the many then must follow thus equaling slavery, but it is for the collective as co-equals working on the freeing of the expression of life for what is best for all by taking self responsibility and actually bring self here in this realization of changing and living one and equal as all here as self in this physical reality. Always bringing it back to self allows one to remain self honest and have a clear gauge of what is implied by this statement, and what is necessary to be done in self forgiveness to purify self to change and thus then become a co-equal as physical being in/as life.

Life is for living not trying or pursuing to live, and in an Equal Money System, this will be possible as the collective as a group will bring this here thru self realization and continuing effort of assistance and support to do what is best for all life who live these life affirming principles.

This is why I am vote one + for world equality thru an equal money system as I see and realize that this is the only way for real change of freedom of life thru self living as an individual thru and as the whole because until all are free none are free....when this is done all will benefit equally that is the WHOLE point to everything that is happening, you could say this is what is happening the birthing of life as co equals in living expression thru a process of self realization = us = life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Recycling and Sustainability in an Equal Money System

I was on the toilet, lol, going pee and I looked in the trash can next to me, in it there contained mostly paper goods, every piece of item in the trash can could be recycled. I took as much as I could out, but it is like an endless battle trying to get all to consider the life being given to us within our goods everyday. Recycle bins are there, but we still throw away as we don't consider all involved and just waste. I don't get why humans have not come up with a mechanism to have all things be recyclable and reusable in a systematic way...oh yeah, because we are greedy fuckers and just want convenience, profit is involved as well.  Harsh, maybe, but the reality is that we are annihilating the trees in this world, the slave labor to create the goods is rising and horrendous, and we have created plastic waste lands in the middle of our oceans. I read somewhere that women where tested and there breast-milk had traces of plastic within it due to the saturation of our water supplies with plastic stuff, we can not get away from the plastic envision as we have created it, but there is always a solution to these pressing issues, that being quite simple, living in a way that is best for all here.

Now obviously, what is needed is a mechanism for recyclable collection in a systematically functioning way, this I see in an equal money system being generated right in each room of a home, office, or place of leisure. Built right into the wall, sucking it just like a centralized vacuum system they have now, down to the basements, and collected into barrels/cans/containers marked accordingly. Where once a week or whatever fits the best for all equation that is equally agreed upon by all beings, will thus be picked up by those who are within the labor cycle of the conscripted labor system that all beings will go through for the upkeep of the jobs needed to keep life functioning. This conscripted labor system is a point where all beings will be educated on maintenance type of work, and be cycled thru year after year within a certain age group for the upkeep of the maintenance jobs around each community.  This being a basis of my understanding of it, seems very cool, because relatively available according to what needs to be done you are able to do something you enjoy as well as work for the betterment of all life in keeping the flow of life smooth and effective.

Within this recycling system, anything that will be made in an equal money system will be reusable, sustainable for all life, and done in as much as possible harmless material that is available. Be interesting what develops out of our expression within the principle's of what is best for all life in our understanding that we are one and equal to everyone as life beings. Hemp is a plant that is the strongest in fiber and most easiest to cultivate, so we could use that for clothes, rope, paper, and created only for what is needed. Also, many medicinal purposes come from hemp as well, but first we must stop the addictions of abuse and hysteria around the plant that has been generated within the world today :P Recycling our shit is a huge problem now, as it is piling up within all creeks and crevasses of this world. In an equal money system, money will be available to do these types of projects because obviously it is needed, and it is for the betterment of all life so it's a sustainable living system. War will be no more in an equal money system, so that should cover the cost of these sustainability projects that are being discussed with the funds being generated in this business today alone will cover much.

More research on these subjects here: Equal Money System

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Nature can Show Us and Relevent Points Equal Money will Recognize

What is the point of the natural disasters accelerating showing humanity? One gleaming point is that humans are no match to what nature is within and as her/his expression within and as this existence. We throughout our days, play 'god' with many people's lives allowing and accepting this current system that is here that keeps half the world in 'hellish' types of conditions. It is this point of fear that we all face, and this fear is intensified by all when we see the calamity of what is on tv of how villages got swept away within these acts of nature that seemingly come out of nowhere.

The point is what are we going to do about this? Are we going to exist within this fear and stick to our survival instincts only looking out for self and one's family or consider the whole of the world situation here, and create an earth where all are enjoying self and all sustained. These natural events are here to show that life can be taken without notice, we are not all powerful here, we are not 'god', the Physical is. This can be seen as what is necessary to be done to change the living conditions and the state of the world into something that is 'peaceful' for all. The actual Physical action needed by all humans to change to a system that recognize the truth of ourselves, this being that we, plant, animal, nature, human, atmosphere, are all equal as physical beings. The physical is what matters, the physical is where the equality principle resides because in fact it is what is real.

Unfortunately within this current system, money will be fueled to these places where the disaster hit, people will be there to give aid and help, but nothing of the current reality of what is here as this system will change. Haiti is an example of this, where half a million people are still displaced and living in tents. There houses where made out of unstable substances and got demolished during the quake based on no money to get 'better' living quarters, and all the aid given still left many without functional homes, functional lives, and desperate living conditions. In an equal money system, first, all houses will be built with all weather conditions taken into consideration, and all be made to the best of there ability within the relative equality equation of what is needed and what is at hand in physical resources. Also, life will be lived in places where there are less amount of potential for a natural disaster.

Obviously, we can not prevent the forces of nature, but we can see points of common sense such as making resilient houses where all will benefit and all factors being considered. In an equal money system this will be possible because money will be allocated to do these such things, because what is best for all is all that is considered. In this current system, money dictates life, if you have it you have a better chance of making it, if you don't your chances are basically non-existent. Although no money could prevent the lose of life in the path of this nature event, the preparation and consideration of what is gathered with facts of potential outcomes of nature, will be assessed and ACTed on to prevent as much loss of life as possible with the common sense that is found within the research/facts gathered and done by all involved. The main key point is that the system of life here needs to be one that is best for all life = equal money system which is based on this principle...please check it out if not done so yet. Thanks

Friday, March 11, 2011

A bit on Food/Good Production in an Equal Money System

Within an equal money system, food will be a source of freedom and availability for all as all will be given enough money to support themselves with. This food production will be done in common sense where obviously as much as possible all products will be made locally or done for a selected region. No more will huge corporations take over all production in a monopoly style format using cheap labor in foreign countries, using excessive amounts of fuel, and raising the prices to compensate for this upkeep of producing the foods and goods in this wasteful way. This is not wrong or bad, but simply does not make any sense for the sustainability of the earth, the people, and the resources that are being increasingly used without any sense of balance in the equation. If we localized production then the fuel dependence/consumption will go down, the human labor will be only used within the labor system where all benefit and all treated equally, and the prices will be created in a fair and flat based system, no taxes, no price hikes based on the day or cost of travel for the food/goods to get to a location 1000 miles away.  All will be made in a way to support all life that is being effected and in a sense of equality for all as all are here giving of themselves, humans have to start respecting this of life, the unconditional giving it gives us everyday. Profit/greed is a big source of the production of all goods today, but within an equal money system, profit/greed will be no more a driving force as all are thus supported and all will see the common sense within what needs to be done to thus balance life and create equanimity among all life here. 

The equal money system is the solution to high prices, huge energy consumption, the enslavement of many who work for nothing, and the sustainablity and thus respect for the life that is here as the earth and all that is given unconditionally to us. It is time to stand up and support what is best for all life, equal money system is here, show your support to create a fair and honorable life for all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Equal Money System or Die?

Ask yourself am I one vote for world equality thru an equal money system, if the awnser is no then you are going to face the 'harsh' consequences, if you say yes then you are on your way to heaven on earth.....equal money system or die? This is what is being faced within our current reality, we decide.

I am one vote for world equality thru an equal money system to bring about heaven on earth and to end all abuse for evermore.

Show your vote and investigate the Equal Money System.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Equal Money and Business

In the mornings, I have been waking up and driving to work with my dad as I work with him in his business, he gets out of the house usually around 6:30 so I have been getting up then and going. This is cool as I am sleeping under 6 hours which I am pushing as a point of self discipline because the body has said here in the physical that only 6 hours is needed, after 6 hours the mind gets regenerated, and we as humans sleeping away recharge the mind consciousness system, which is our self enslavement. So I push to get up early. Also, we stop at the coffee shop and I get a free coffee!! even tho I suggest to pay, he always buys me one. We chat in a sense more relaxed as it is not work environment, and it's cool. I enjoy talking to my dad, he is stressed a lot because of work, money, and pressure from responsibility at work so I try and help him out and do the best I can to help become an equal participate in the business, and pull my 'weight' so to speak. The business is small so it's vulnerable to things such as economy dips or rising gas prices, this is also effecting all other businesses and business people that we have dealings with as they are going out of business, having trouble paying the costs, and cutting services with us cause they cant afford it, which thus effects our business. My whole life my dad has been stressed about work, he is always in the back of his 'mind' thinking about work, and the business is always a part of his everyday being, as this is our livelihood and is not a secure thing as is seen with many business going under lately.

In an equal money system, business will be structured and lived in a way that is 'easier' on the beings that are involved. Firstly, no being anywhere on this planet will be used for an others' gain, all slavery of any kind to any species will be abolished as this is just showing our own enslavement, equal money is freedom - real and true for all and every being here as abuse to life will not be tolerated and given proper consequences if realized. Secondly, the stress and pressure many feel to make it, and sustain the paycheck every week to be able to put a house over their kids heads and food on the table will be gone because in an equal money system, this will be provided to all the basic needs of all with the guarantee of equal money distribution of all from birth to death. This money will be able to sustain one for the entirety of there lives with everything that is needed to live dignified. This is not a game nor ploy, as so many of us go 'where the fuck is the catch in this? this can not be possible?' The most astonishing thing is that this is beyond possible, it is a step away, in a basic description money needs to be allocated to all in principled living founded on the basis of what is best for all. Then all the questions, uncertainties, doubts, disbelief, ect. are squashed because it will be here, lived by all as each being will benefit as the all will benefit. No bells and whistles just simple math such as 1+1=2, I need to live and you need to live as we all here need to live, there is enough for all, so lets all live here in equality. Basic, simple, and practical living.

Another point, equal money will not be a stressed filled rat race, dog eat dog environment, it'll be relaxed, slowed down, and considerate of all as we will all see self in life so it will be a self enjoyment of life living in equality as nothing is not freely given. Jobs will probably not be seen as work as it will be structured in ways that each being will be able to do what one enjoys, and what one feel passionate about. It will be fun and enjoyable to live here and breath, and go do what it is you enjoy as well as helping the betterment of all through our stand as custodians of this earth. The struggle to survive and make money to live will finally be null and void as this is not life. Equal Money ='s Equal Life , where life is only life if all are equal as one as self. Lets get our boots on, and start walking the steps of self realization to see this thru all as one as equal till it is here.