Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool Thing about Equal Money System....Read and See!!


Cool thing and a fundamental truth about the Equal Money System is that it will bring life here best for all beings. This guarenteed based on the way it will be set up with everything as simple and common sensical as it can be as a self truth understood and lived. Flat rates, communal sharing, all necessities being taken care of, money access to be able to live and be sustained, opportunity to work and do what you actually are passionate about, schools geared more towards individual acceleration of interest and not general knowledge just to be absorbed and spit back out, and opportunity to start new and fresh as a global community. This new equal money system when one start to walk the process of self honesty and self forgiveness becomes self evident, the necessity for this in this world is beyond clear, we have got to change the system, and we have got to walk the change as ourselves becoming the living example of equality, fairness, and truth. This is a long and 'tough' journey all will have to come to walk, but it is not impossible. Visit the Desteni Community, who everyday people are dedicating themselves to be the example of change that is needed, and stand as a support for others who are on their way as well. There is nothing more essential then the change of the nature of man from absolute atrocity to life that is seen everywhere today to co-equal as a living participant with and as all life in support and care. Seriously consider your world, and how you can change yourself to walk the path of a co-equal in self honesty. Life is waiting. We can all do this, let's push ourselves for this world, for our children, and for a 'better' life for all.

Desteni-I-Process- A place to walk the change with support and assistance from structured courses as well as a way to make an income straight from home with your action and dedication to changing yourself in self honesty and self forgiveness...check it out!

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