Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Water - a Human Right or Commodity?

I watched a documentary on the bottled water industry tonight, and I learned allot that I didn't realize was happening within this business. The movie was based in America and about American consumption and American bottled water companies, although, of course they all go over seas for the maximum in profit. Anyways, some quick facts I learned. One, they do not have any regulatory mandated procedures directed by the government or the FDA that requires them to do regular testing on the water that's being consumed. The reports on a not frequent basis they do, do not require to be public knowledge. The tap water that comes from, those who can afforded it, faucets are regulated and tested multiple times daily as ordered by law from the government for the monitoring of the quality of it.  If it gets contaminated or disrupted it would be detected very quickly. Two, they take the water from local town municipal water supplies and charge 1900 times more then what tap water costs here in the US. They give basically nothing back to the communities, and cause water shortages and droughts within the towns being effected. All these water plants do is filter the water, bottle it, and sell it individual to the consumers, us humans. Three, the chemicals that make up the plastic bottles' are made from oil which has toxins in them that seep into the water that we ingest through heat and long shelf life, there are many studies of the adverse effects of the chemicals that make up the plastics that hold the water to the human physical body. Four, only 20% of the 11 billion dollar a year water bottles industry consumed is recycled. That's 80% of the plastic waste going into landfills and oceans not to mention all the other plastic containers used. They did research and tested water samples out in the middle of the pacific ocean and found within the sample water that was dragged for a mile behind the boat, there was more plastic then plankton that could be visibly seen. You could see all the different colors of the plastic, and the different shapes and sizes floating around in the water sample that was shown through the film. There is a heep of plastic floating in the pacific twice the size of Texas, and these heeps of plastic can be found in each body of ocean on our planet.

The plastic water bottle industry is an example of the unnecessary adverse and abusive effect on the life here as to consider all aspects of life that are effected, as there are many. What is driving the obvious non sensical plastic water bottle industry to continue is money, consumer ignorance, and convenience. We have water available through our faucets that should be built up and created to sustain all, consider all, and give to all, it's in place and is being neglected because of the power of the companies behind this water bottle industry. They use marketing tactics to control the message going on, which is based on profit for the company and protection for the product's continuation <--again bottom line money.

An equal money system, this will stop as will be seen the obvious abuse and disregard for the huge amount of destruction plastic water bottles are causing, and the unnecessary use for these bottles, when we can use products that are neutral to the environment and preserve it such as glass. Also, an an equal money system waste management will be much more efficient, many things will be recycled and reused, many resources will be localized and sustained within community living, and money will be used for commerce purposes only. The power grasp hold of money in the minds of man will be gone as there will be no need to have a drive to get and hold onto money as it will be given to all and all will benefit equally within fairness, no profit necessary.

The equal money system will be heaven on earth because it is founded on the principle for what is best for all, this being undeniable and not debatable as it just is what is best for all. It will be in essence quite simple to express and an enjoyable way of living for all including the earth, the oceans, the fish, the animals, the trees, the bugs, the humans, all life.  The products will be made to last and all will be considered as equal as life as all are this in fact so it is self evident living. This is what is needed here as we see within the experiences of how life is being lived and handle by the current human race, it is time to take responsibility of ourselves and start to live whats best for all, individually first as this is where it starts with self then to the greater as this will happen very cool times ahead for all.

I will be committing myself to not use any more plastic bottles or cans unless I myself will recycle it, being used very sparingly, and will support and use tap water as this makes more sense and is supportive for life. It's to self regulate and conserve what I am using. Also, this issue is not even considered in countries where there is no money or opportunity to make money, as there water supply is not clean nor running for use, this being unacceptable. All in an equal money system will have equal access to clean water, which will be conserved and used in ways that is again best for all life here. Water is life, lets use it one and equal as life for all as all are life here.

Equal Money System- Solution to World Problems

  <----This is the trailer to the movie I was referring to here called Tapped.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Lost Boys- Story of Sudan and the Boys of War

I watched a movie about the Sudanese and the war that enveloped them in the the early 1980s. This war was based on religion, where the Muslims from the north attacked the Christian's from the south. This movie was from the perspective of the southern Christians, no mention of the northern perspective categorized by "Muslims." The movie was based on over 27000 people, many of them young boys, who walked over 1000 miles thru the desert with no food supply or water, and literally where close to death as they arrived in the Ethiopian refugee camp 5 years later called Kakuma. Over 2 million people have been killed in this war, and many died on this epic journey across the Sudanese land across the African border to Ethiopia and Kenya.

Many years later, the boys, men now, who made it to the refugee camp were given the opportunity to come to the US and go to school and get a job with government help.( Although the gov. made them pay back all the flight fare to bring them to America...pfff) They where interviewed throughout the movie, and gave a cool perspective on the difference between American culture and that of the Sudanese, a country at war and desperate for money. In Sudan, they lived very simplistically from the earth, herded cattle, made there homes from the earth, garden, and farmed. Before the war began, these men who were being interviewed, at the time before the war started they were boys, and describe their lives back then. They we're at home, their home life was very rich with tradition and practical living as they lived as a clan/community. Everyone knew each other and villages would gather and enjoy dance celebrations or stories, they had no technology, no running water, no electricity, no transportation, but had a enriched and interconnected living environment that was united and caring.  They didn't know any of the 'luxuries' we take for granted here in America. Although now, in Sudan, and for the last 20 years mostly everything has been destroyed and the people are dispersed with very sufferable conditions as they have no money and no opportunity to gain any for the most part.

About 3600 Sudanese have come to America to participate in this opportunity to gain money and get a job through a government program that was offered to them, the men that have come here have gained great strides in their learning and most of them give all there savings to the people back in the refugee camps as they see them as family, and feel 'bad' that they are comfortable while many suffer back in there homeland of Sudan. As they grew accustomed to the 'American' way of  life, they got into the grove of schedules, time, and the quick pace that is pushed with in our 'time is money' mentality. They noticed that Americans are not friendly as they are back home (in Sudan) where community living and coming together and helping others is common place. It seems like here in America, we have lost that sense of living and enjoying the company of our fellow brothers and sisters around us, we rather throw someone off the property that is not known then offer them a seat and discuss what is going on with them. There is so much fear and hype of fear through many outlets and the actions of ourselves, that we be'lie've we can not trust anyone. I live here in America, through all this technology and corporations we have given ourselves away to money, what it can buy us and what we can do with it, to the detriment to living life here and enjoying it as pure and simple as just living and being here with the life around us. Life is not perfect here, but it can be, we just have to re-allocate our priorities, start living in principled ways, and start living in self honesty and correcting ourselves in self forgiveness, its really the only real way I can see myself changing because it takes everything into account and doesn't allow fickleness or bs. I either live self honesty/self forgiveness and change or I stay stagnant to my grave making no difference.

This movie was an interesting contrast to visually see where people that has little to nothing in material wealth, but seems to have so much in life as living beings connected to nature, people in there community, feeling enriched just being alive and appreciating the life around them and themselves. Where Americans, we don't really have any community feel like clan/village living, and have all the money in the world so to speak (it seems, but not so) and have lost ourselves in the life of more and better stuff. (although many suffer here in America, it comes down to money as the giver of life; equal money will give life equal value to all and will have the effect of life living in real true freedom as we will be free, as the principle in EMS is seeing all as one as equal to self as life.)

The need for equilibrium in the world is so necessary as many are dying for lack of money. Equal money will start to change the living standard as life will be considered in all aspects, all realms, and will be localized in community living because that is common sense. More to come on community living in equal money.

The movie was called : God Grew Tired of Us