Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How will Age be effected in an Equal Money System?

Post - 3/28/11

I'm back at work tonight, I been looking at this point of patience. I have to be quite patient for this job as it very much requires one to use this as a point for support for the other and what his or her needs are in any given moment. This also dealing with people who are more frail and require more care like a baby, but on the other end of the life line as the ‘elderly’.  They obviously have come thru life and are at the point where their body is shutting down. This indicating that there life force is weakening and can not support the physical any longer as it becomes frail and very delicate.

I have always wondered about the reason for death and why this is necessary here, I have realized it is due to our acceptance and allowance to diminish ourselves through the mind by living out the separation of life here, which is faulty. We are living in conflict with the principles of life here, that we are in fact one and equal with all life and all life is thus here as ourselves. We are the creator, created, and creation. We have the power to live forever or die in short years, it literally is up to all and self here to understand and live this. Desteni is a source that can help with understanding of these topics, I suggest investigate.

Back when I was ‘believing’ in a higher power, I would always ask myself why we had to die, what kind of ‘god’ created us to die and not be able to live any longer then 100 years, didn’t seem right. Not to mention, the number of people that never make it to their ‘elderly’ years, and die young due to preventable causes such as no resource availability due to no money available, many suffer at all ages due to this.

This was not ‘right’ as I was abdicating my own responsibility for myself to something outside of me, when I am here as source, I am responsible for life here, I am the power for change.  Equal money system will allow life to expand and grow due to the freedom of money resources being fully available for all and at all disposal in the principle of what is best for all life.

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