Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why am I in support of the Equal Money System?

This is and never has been even a consideration, the why? it has always been a how? because the why is a self evident common sense observation of what I myself have participated in in my life, and seen through my own accumulated living experience as life for many beings being a struggle, death, and painful, and seeing myself never ever wanting to live in ways I have seen others live here. Many on this planet are really having terrible times of life, not enjoying and not actually living. Many struggle day to day to even have a chance to live a bit and have some self satisfaction, but many make due of what is here and just live as is, in this system. This always equaling unsatisfactory and able to be improved as any life that suffers is obviously faulty and need changing.

The how? is the more pertinent question for all beings to be asking themselves, this I have realized that the individual in this system has no real power by him/herself as we have seen with past leaders such as Jesus, Martin Luther King, Benazir Bhutto, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, all made impacts, but could not actually make a real collective change within and as this current system as individualized movements to bring about expression in freedom of and as life for real because they all died (and didn't have the proper understanding of what this entails = for more on this see the link I highlight here). The need for a centralized principled focus group of dedicated people with the potential always for growth thru time is the Equal Life Party (this at this time in infant stages), which is the political movement to place the equal money system into the global level to thus have a real impact on a global scale. This requires group effort and group sustenance to keep it growing. So as been discussed within the Desteni material, it is not about the individual leader as that imply that the many then must follow thus equaling slavery, but it is for the collective as co-equals working on the freeing of the expression of life for what is best for all by taking self responsibility and actually bring self here in this realization of changing and living one and equal as all here as self in this physical reality. Always bringing it back to self allows one to remain self honest and have a clear gauge of what is implied by this statement, and what is necessary to be done in self forgiveness to purify self to change and thus then become a co-equal as physical being in/as life.

Life is for living not trying or pursuing to live, and in an Equal Money System, this will be possible as the collective as a group will bring this here thru self realization and continuing effort of assistance and support to do what is best for all life who live these life affirming principles.

This is why I am vote one + for world equality thru an equal money system as I see and realize that this is the only way for real change of freedom of life thru self living as an individual thru and as the whole because until all are free none are free....when this is done all will benefit equally that is the WHOLE point to everything that is happening, you could say this is what is happening the birthing of life as co equals in living expression thru a process of self realization = us = life.

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