Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Royal What? and Equal Money System

Everyone has heard about the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are considered royalty among the people in the land called England. This wedding costing millions of dollars and huge amounts of publicity and interest. Money not even being considered in the equation of this marriage event because it is readily available at the royalties disposal based solely on where they where born into.

What is this point of 'royalty' and us as the 'common folk' accepting and allowing within this point of having some 'beings' seen as more then those on the common level. This all based on money and how it was allocated and hoarded 'legally' to one family in many different countries by fake and useless laws made up by those in power to keep those who they thought where 'more pure' then those who are here as 'regular people' within control, and those in 'royalty' type position and in other words the 'elite' on the top of this pile of shit (=see-it).

Point being, it makes no sense and is useless in terms of actually creating a difference in world equanimity and world unity.  We idolize these people as a whole in this world just like celebrities because we 'desire' to live the lifestyle they have, but 'believe' we are not able to based on what we where told as the way life is here, 'some are more privileged then others, and life is harsh so just live with it'.

In an Equal Money System all 'royalty' and 'celebrity' will be eliminated as these lifestyles do not support what is best for all, but only the few in these selected groups. In an Equal Money System there will be money allocated to projects and resources that is best for all life, and these fancy parties and weddings costing a lot of money will be gone as they are a point of distraction and are induced by alcohol (= I-Kill-All).

Equal Money System, where all live as gods because all are gods equally.

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