Monday, March 14, 2011

Recycling and Sustainability in an Equal Money System

I was on the toilet, lol, going pee and I looked in the trash can next to me, in it there contained mostly paper goods, every piece of item in the trash can could be recycled. I took as much as I could out, but it is like an endless battle trying to get all to consider the life being given to us within our goods everyday. Recycle bins are there, but we still throw away as we don't consider all involved and just waste. I don't get why humans have not come up with a mechanism to have all things be recyclable and reusable in a systematic way...oh yeah, because we are greedy fuckers and just want convenience, profit is involved as well.  Harsh, maybe, but the reality is that we are annihilating the trees in this world, the slave labor to create the goods is rising and horrendous, and we have created plastic waste lands in the middle of our oceans. I read somewhere that women where tested and there breast-milk had traces of plastic within it due to the saturation of our water supplies with plastic stuff, we can not get away from the plastic envision as we have created it, but there is always a solution to these pressing issues, that being quite simple, living in a way that is best for all here.

Now obviously, what is needed is a mechanism for recyclable collection in a systematically functioning way, this I see in an equal money system being generated right in each room of a home, office, or place of leisure. Built right into the wall, sucking it just like a centralized vacuum system they have now, down to the basements, and collected into barrels/cans/containers marked accordingly. Where once a week or whatever fits the best for all equation that is equally agreed upon by all beings, will thus be picked up by those who are within the labor cycle of the conscripted labor system that all beings will go through for the upkeep of the jobs needed to keep life functioning. This conscripted labor system is a point where all beings will be educated on maintenance type of work, and be cycled thru year after year within a certain age group for the upkeep of the maintenance jobs around each community.  This being a basis of my understanding of it, seems very cool, because relatively available according to what needs to be done you are able to do something you enjoy as well as work for the betterment of all life in keeping the flow of life smooth and effective.

Within this recycling system, anything that will be made in an equal money system will be reusable, sustainable for all life, and done in as much as possible harmless material that is available. Be interesting what develops out of our expression within the principle's of what is best for all life in our understanding that we are one and equal to everyone as life beings. Hemp is a plant that is the strongest in fiber and most easiest to cultivate, so we could use that for clothes, rope, paper, and created only for what is needed. Also, many medicinal purposes come from hemp as well, but first we must stop the addictions of abuse and hysteria around the plant that has been generated within the world today :P Recycling our shit is a huge problem now, as it is piling up within all creeks and crevasses of this world. In an equal money system, money will be available to do these types of projects because obviously it is needed, and it is for the betterment of all life so it's a sustainable living system. War will be no more in an equal money system, so that should cover the cost of these sustainability projects that are being discussed with the funds being generated in this business today alone will cover much.

More research on these subjects here: Equal Money System

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