Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Nature can Show Us and Relevent Points Equal Money will Recognize

What is the point of the natural disasters accelerating showing humanity? One gleaming point is that humans are no match to what nature is within and as her/his expression within and as this existence. We throughout our days, play 'god' with many people's lives allowing and accepting this current system that is here that keeps half the world in 'hellish' types of conditions. It is this point of fear that we all face, and this fear is intensified by all when we see the calamity of what is on tv of how villages got swept away within these acts of nature that seemingly come out of nowhere.

The point is what are we going to do about this? Are we going to exist within this fear and stick to our survival instincts only looking out for self and one's family or consider the whole of the world situation here, and create an earth where all are enjoying self and all sustained. These natural events are here to show that life can be taken without notice, we are not all powerful here, we are not 'god', the Physical is. This can be seen as what is necessary to be done to change the living conditions and the state of the world into something that is 'peaceful' for all. The actual Physical action needed by all humans to change to a system that recognize the truth of ourselves, this being that we, plant, animal, nature, human, atmosphere, are all equal as physical beings. The physical is what matters, the physical is where the equality principle resides because in fact it is what is real.

Unfortunately within this current system, money will be fueled to these places where the disaster hit, people will be there to give aid and help, but nothing of the current reality of what is here as this system will change. Haiti is an example of this, where half a million people are still displaced and living in tents. There houses where made out of unstable substances and got demolished during the quake based on no money to get 'better' living quarters, and all the aid given still left many without functional homes, functional lives, and desperate living conditions. In an equal money system, first, all houses will be built with all weather conditions taken into consideration, and all be made to the best of there ability within the relative equality equation of what is needed and what is at hand in physical resources. Also, life will be lived in places where there are less amount of potential for a natural disaster.

Obviously, we can not prevent the forces of nature, but we can see points of common sense such as making resilient houses where all will benefit and all factors being considered. In an equal money system this will be possible because money will be allocated to do these such things, because what is best for all is all that is considered. In this current system, money dictates life, if you have it you have a better chance of making it, if you don't your chances are basically non-existent. Although no money could prevent the lose of life in the path of this nature event, the preparation and consideration of what is gathered with facts of potential outcomes of nature, will be assessed and ACTed on to prevent as much loss of life as possible with the common sense that is found within the research/facts gathered and done by all involved. The main key point is that the system of life here needs to be one that is best for all life = equal money system which is based on this principle...please check it out if not done so yet. Thanks

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