Friday, March 11, 2011

A bit on Food/Good Production in an Equal Money System

Within an equal money system, food will be a source of freedom and availability for all as all will be given enough money to support themselves with. This food production will be done in common sense where obviously as much as possible all products will be made locally or done for a selected region. No more will huge corporations take over all production in a monopoly style format using cheap labor in foreign countries, using excessive amounts of fuel, and raising the prices to compensate for this upkeep of producing the foods and goods in this wasteful way. This is not wrong or bad, but simply does not make any sense for the sustainability of the earth, the people, and the resources that are being increasingly used without any sense of balance in the equation. If we localized production then the fuel dependence/consumption will go down, the human labor will be only used within the labor system where all benefit and all treated equally, and the prices will be created in a fair and flat based system, no taxes, no price hikes based on the day or cost of travel for the food/goods to get to a location 1000 miles away.  All will be made in a way to support all life that is being effected and in a sense of equality for all as all are here giving of themselves, humans have to start respecting this of life, the unconditional giving it gives us everyday. Profit/greed is a big source of the production of all goods today, but within an equal money system, profit/greed will be no more a driving force as all are thus supported and all will see the common sense within what needs to be done to thus balance life and create equanimity among all life here. 

The equal money system is the solution to high prices, huge energy consumption, the enslavement of many who work for nothing, and the sustainablity and thus respect for the life that is here as the earth and all that is given unconditionally to us. It is time to stand up and support what is best for all life, equal money system is here, show your support to create a fair and honorable life for all!

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