Friday, May 13, 2011

North African Refugees: What will Change with Equal Money?

In North Africa there is a sea of refugees exiting there relative countries due to riots and chaos that has developed due to the oppressive nature the people are living under by the governments. A lot of these people are migrating to neighboring countries such as Italy and France. In there home countries, these refugees are not able to gain stability due to the revolutions that are taking place where the governments are now using force to keep power and control. Also, there are those called 'rebels' who are fighting against the government to gain some fairness and freedom to their lives in these countries. The shops are closed down, the schools are closed, the people are out of work, and it is too dangerous to be out in the streets. They see no real 'hope' to staying in there home country because it is so unstable.

They are using train travel and boats to gain access to Italy and France. There are a reported 22000 Tunisian who where granted  travel papers in Italy, which allows them to move freely throughout Europe, this thru the Schengen Agreement, which grants access to all 25 participating European countries with no passports needed. This being halted by France and other countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands as they are reintroducing border checks and making them pay a fee to stay in there countries. This causing hardship for those that traveled from Northern Africa because essentially they had to leave there lives behind and start over. This in a place that is not hospitable and does not want them there. In France the refugees are staying in parks and make shift camps with very little food and water. They are saying that the French police are harassing them, and are arresting them. Their is a political feud going on due to the Italians giving access to the Schengen Agreement to the Tunisians, and the French closing down there borders not holding up to the agreement that was made.

A lot of these people will travel to Britain, as there are traffickers getting paid 1000 euros to take them, and these people will seep into the undergrounds of these places and be able to access the black markets to gain some kind of income. For the Northern Africans there is not many options they have as they can not go back to there countries if the government stays in tack, and they can not get much opportunity in other countries because they are not legal. So no where really to go, which will lead many into criminal activity and unsafe situations. This is a hard situation we have created here for those with little to no power as they dont much money. This based on the division and borders created by us to keep these 'foreigners' out. But who are the foreigners on this earth as we all reside here and live off the unconditional nature of what earth provides, why do we not give that for all the people here? The borders and nations, I see as not really necessary based on we all need to live, and we all need to be sustained so why not just create a borderless world!! I know and realize this is quite a statement to make here as our world is currently living, but it is a point that should be considered based on the time, money, and energy we waste on trying to keep people away or out due to not being a certain nationality or not from a certain place. Quite wasteful indeed.

In an equal money system, the no borders will be a reality as it will be lived and understood that we are one being here, as we all know it doesn't matter the race, gender, creed, nationality, age, ect. that we classify ourselves as, we are just beings living here in essence. We all need to live, all people need a place to be and work and enjoy themselves, so a universal standard of governance, living, working, moving about, should be introduced where life is inter connected and streamlined. It will not matter if a 100000 people travel to one area, there will be steps in place, to disseminate them out, keep them sustained, house them, and help them to get living stable again. Basically what is needed is 'governing' bodies that help the people and solve these influx of people into other places with common sense and support. Equal money system will be establish to perform these types of actions, where no one has to be refused access to a place, but integrated in a way that is fair and makes sense, where the support I would want to have if I was in this situation is there for all.

Also, another big issue is the regimatic governing bodies in these current countries, where they are taken advantage of there power, and not giving the people equal opportunity. This based on the way we see ourselves currently in where we believe we need to be ruled, to me this will never be true, as I will be equal and one to all fellow beings here, I will rule no one and no one will rule me. This another standard in Equal Money system we will be co-equal based on the principle of living for whats best for all, so no one will essentially lead a group, but we will work with each other and finally create a sense of real freedom and living hood as people will realize themselves as the beings we are, Life, free and whole as who are equal and one, no rulers and no leaders, but co-equals...simple as a breath and unlimited as the universe. Peace on earth is possible, heaven on earth is here, we must live this as ourselves, check out and spread the word of how cool this system will be. Desteni-i-process to become a being who is self perfected by self will and eventually be able to make a income at it.

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