Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The War within = The War without

War, I have been studying about war recently, and allot of it is very disturbing due to the amount of craziness that is involved in creating these wars, and sustaining them. It reminds me of people with there heads cut off, not able to considered the whole of what it is they are doing, because they can not see all who is being effected.

This unfortunately is not the case, we can all see very clearly what is going on, and who and how those who are involved are being directly effected, killed and maimed, destruction, and violence in the name of words that have no real meaning behind them. 'Patriotism, I am going to war because I am serving my country', but within self there are many other reasons one goes to war, opportunity, ego, adventure, obligation, pressure, it is not just to serve and protect the country because what is being protected will always be vulnerable as we are creating the situation the way it is, creating conflict by be'lie'ving we are not those who we see as enemies.

So War will always continue if we see the other in separation of self, this programmed quite well within society as nationalism, religions, money system, capitalism. All these systems are due to fear and self interest, we live this within our world because of the fear we live within ourselves as we walk day to day. Also, the desire to have more even if it does cause harm to another, as along as it is not me, then ok, I will be protected and cause war. One of the main motivators to agree to going to war is the fact that we, USA, will be attacked again, and we need to protect our freedom playing on the fear of death and injury by our governments, which we all accept and allow.

Unfortunately, we as 'Americans' have never been free, yes, we may have it more easy, relatively, then others, but we are not free as we rely on others to sustain us, ie: government, money, animals, the earth. War is a tool used by the 'elite', to gain profit and power across the world, and it is created by our own inner struggles, judgments, competition, and hatred we live out thru participating in thinking these types of thoughts. What we think about, we create here, test this out for yourself and see the correlation, don't forget to be self honest otherwise one will fuck with themselves. That is why I am using desteni-i-process as it helps to understand the relationship of thinking as creation, and how to become a director of myself instead of being directed by my thinking = mind, which is an ambivalent machine that is not understood completely by humanity just yet.

Equal money system will stop the war without as we will not fear ourselves or another because we realize the other is me, and how can I fear me. We will not bury the truth of the reasons for going to war, such as to make profit, and face what is here and create solutions to the current atrocities that are occurring. All will be sustained and living in dignity due to the co-equal status that all beings will encompass as we start to develop and implement this new system. Those who abuse will have there co-equal status taken away and re-rehabilitated within the Desteni-I-Process to gain an understanding to there driving motivators emotion, thinking, and fear, so they too can restore themselves as life one and equal, and enjoy the fruits of who we are as life in freedom. The difference with equal money system and the current system is we will live our words, such as freedom and equal opportunity, and put in place systems that will generate this and guarantee it.

The solutions are all here, one has to sort themselves out by self application in self honesty and self forgiveness to stop the war within themselves to thus one day stop the war without that its everywhere if one have a serious look. War is never the answer as what is best for all is always the solution. Equal money system will be lived by this solution as a principle and foundation so life will become what we all are equal and one, which is real freedom lived.

If you are interested in the Desteni-I-Process, I am an agent and would be glad to help you with any questions or to get started in it. Thanks. Email at

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