Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skype Take over By Microsoft, Manopoly of Big Business

Today Microsoft has bought the social messenger Skype for 8.4 Billion dollars. They say there buying it to integrate more into the consoles, phones, and other applications that have this compatibility. But many users fear that they are now going to start charging rates for the current free usage all enjoy when using skype. You are able to chat or video chat with anyone in the world for free. This is going to squeeze those people who use this as a means to keep in contact with family or work, now have to come up with another bill to cover or stop the usage.

This take over is indicative of what is here and what is to come with big business and the current lag in the economy. All small business struggle as they don’t have any extra means to carry themselves over in times of economic stress. The big business are able to have room to ‘relax’ from the stress and hardship many are finding now a days with the rising prices in products and gas. Also, the big businesses are monopolizing in all industries as they have money to spend, and can expand their power. Obviously, only promoting that which will make them money. The Microsoft company claims that they are going to keep the remaining services free, but use it more expansively in business. We will see if they are true to there word.

This is an example of how big business have to much power and use money as there outlet to weld that power. In an equal money system, business will be set up on an equal standing where all receive fair wages, earn what they get thru fair and equal marketing and consumerism, and ownership of any kind will be limited. As I see it one will be able to have shops or a business, but this used based on strict principles that result in the best product and market for all possible.  The big business will be disassembled and brought back down to earth where all beings will have a share of the wealth, and have an opportunity to earn money. This only done thru the labor system where set rules and regulations based on what is best for all is how one will run their business. No more back door deals, loopholes, slave labor, abuse for profit, child labor, out of control matter what color, gender, language, ethnicity, location, all rules for this labor system will be universal and set for all so all can benefit equally. Life in the equal money system is to make the system we all dream about a reality, where all have a chance and all have a share. Equal and one to yourself, no more monopolies as we all will be here to pass go, and we’ll all have a go at working and expressing in our lives.

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