Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teenager sells Kidney for Ipad2

In China, boy sells his kidney for over 3000 US dollars, and goes out and buys himself a ipad. This showing the fucked up nature of this current system, where we will go as far as to cut out our own body parts and sell them to fill our desires.  This is crazy, and this system pushes the craziness of people based on the struggle that is hear in terms of making it and getting things that one need. I would say an ipad is not needed, but for this boy it was.

Equal money system will first give all equal access to money so no one will have to go as far as to sell there own body, which is giving of it self unconditionally one and equal with you, to buy anything. Also, all will have access to computers, and will be much easier to access and buy due to the fair exchange of goods and flat rates. Computers as well as all products will be made to the best of there ability, and created on demand not profit. This will diminish waste extensively, and the ability to create upgrades and have a quick turnaround based on the control of creation with demand numbers will streamline the buying process and create universal best for all products. No one will have to go to extremes to live and enjoy themselves because all will be considered and life will be lived in ways that is best for everyone, which is always best for you. 

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