Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Words on Religion

Within this world there are many religions, each culture has there religious traditions. There are many rituals that each religion follow, and like clockwork, those who 'follow' will go and do whatever they do to satisfy that religious itch that is there if 'practicing'. I can relate as I was once a 'religious' person and very much wanted to satisfy that itch to be a 'good' servent, or shall I say the perfect slave.

My family (most of them as I know) go to church every Sunday, they sit in the pews and listen to the priest talk, and check off each time they left, such as an obligation. Religion as I see it and is quite obvious that it is not a living, but an obligation, its going to church, taking up the rituals, giving money each time the box comes around, and go about the worlds business. No real actual change has ever come from religion that is best for all as it professes, there has been no real actual change in human history since Jesus has walked the planet and died for us. Jesus was a being who decided to be an example for those who didn't realize what he had realized, and he showed us what it was to be life and live or those who were there at the time, since then much has been distorted and corrupted. What he spoke is self evident and simple truth, treat all as yourself and thus the kingdom of heaven is yours. This is true as heaven is here and thus we must treat all as ourselves for it to be here as us, it's a living of self only self can live this, only self can bring about the kingdom of heaven. What is missed and ignored is right before our eyes, we can't see because we are in our minds thinking rather then being here living. It's a walk though as many are realizing and seeing, and many will come to see, it is a process of self to become life as one as equal as all. Here is more insight on this at this website:

Back to my point, we as religion have construed and fucked up his example by separating us from him, and believing that he is going to save us. But, how can Jesus save us if we are unwilling to save ourselves, it's not that we need some magical genie or christ-like person to come and snap us into heaven on earth. That is impossible, if we don't live heaven here as ourselves it simple will never be as it is life, a living expression, as now we are the living expression of separation, which is seen with the way the world works today much disagreement and strife. We are unwilling to see the common sense in what needs to be done, and put in place a system that brings this about, that is until recently, where much opened up and was realized that life is here one and equal, and we are here to live this for self. Many of the missing pieces that was not seen til now has been opened up. ( Check the website above as more is there to be understood)

So why would someone come save us? First off it makes no sense what so ever with the physical laws that govern our universe, and secondly, we do not deserve to be saved. We treat the earth, each-other, and essentially ourselves ruthlessly not caring who lives or dies, and how those who do live are cared for and treated. If any have taken a look at the conditions, the individual cases of absolute atrocities going on to many, then they would see the obviousness of this situation, it is really a 'sad' state we live as humans here. This is a consideration for those who see religions as the only way, but there are many holes in the holey 'stories' (and that is no pun, our words reveal who we are, pay attention to words), and many beliefs that are followed vehemently with no consideration for any other way because of this hardened belief based on ego and self interest.

So my stance is that I am for abolishing all religions as they are not necessary and go against the principle's of what life is one with all and equal for all. Religion is what divides, best for all in equality and oneness unites. Equal money system is the proper way to generate this best for all system as it will be able to transition from the old to the new using money as the medium for this transition as it is in place and available for use. Study and realize for yourself, as that is what really matters, self change to be equal and one to live as life living here, no gods, no masters, no saviors just self as all as one as equal. Equal Money = Equal Life. I walk this til it is done.

Equal Money System Website 

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